WOLK (‘Cloud’)

A theatrical journey from what you are to who you are

After the huge success of project OOG (‘Eye’), city artist Lucas De Man and designer Pascal Leboucq present their new art installation WOLK (‘Cloud’). WOLK is a theatrical journey, a quest through time, to the soul.

Wonderful theatrical quest

In the middle of the city Lucas and Pascal are building a 22-meter high tower containing a miraculous theatrical quest through a set of corridors. The journey ends on a rooftop looking out over the whole city.

Lucas and Pascal were inspired by the novel The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann and constructed WOLK according to the principals of the Socratic method. In a stormy world that is heading for a collective burnout WOLK offers a place of rest and space for the soul. In the narrow corridors of this individual journey you discover a poetic world of music and images. On the way WOLK poses questions to which you thought you knew the answer and you get what we miss the most nowadays: time. The further you walk in WOLK, the closer you get to yourself.

Go on a quest in WOLK and find what you didn’t know you were looking for.



Download here WOLK-photos in zipfile (High Resolution): WOLK-HR-photos
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Go. Take your time. Breathe.  –  Juliet Gagnon

“In the middle of the WOLK installation there are two glowing feet where I am meant to stand. I wheedle my hand through the curtain and fix them firmly on a pose, as ‘the girl’ and the chorus whisper a message meant for many – but carved for the individual. If the curtains were at that moment to fall away I might have flown from the scaffolding.
With WOLK Lucas De Man strips away the viewer’s skin, hoping to preserve the artists control over that moment of nakedness. There is hubris in this but the earnest force gives a deafening power to this peace. With WOLK we are guided to peek under the surface to reveal the beauty in our entrails.
Whit this in mind. Be gentle with yourself here. WOLK’s evocation is sometimes forcible and can cause pain. It can rupture parts that may hang on by threads. WOLK is well crafted, taking you soflty at times, and at others with a commanding hand on your back. Go. Take your time. Breathe.”



Performance dates, tickets and accessibility
The journey through WOLK takes about 45 minutes and is suitable for visitors of 14 years and up. Unfortunately the art installation is not accessible for people with mobility problems. Tickets cost € 12,50 and can be ordered here.


City project WOLK
Give WOLK to the city. Take part in the crowd source project of WOLK, and give this special experience to a fellow citizen who deserves it. Watch the animation to find out how city artist Lucas De Man connects the inhabitants of Den Bosch:


Artistic director: Lucas De Man, design: Pascal Leboucq, dramaturgy: Kimberly Major, artistic advice: Piet Menu, composer: Marc Alberto, sound design: Guido Langendoen, show control: Sylvain Vriens, app development: Martijn Swart, technical producer: Kas van Huisstede, communication: Claire van Nunen, managing director: Wouter Goedheer

WOLK is produced by Company New Heroes and Het Zuidelijk Toneel with Theaterfestival Boulevard and JB500 and made possible by Brabant C, FPK and many other partners.

City project WOLK is part of the international project www.insearchofeurope.eu